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Immigrate to Qatar from Ukraine

Immigrate to Qatar from Ukraine

Citizens who want to immigrate to Qatar from Ukraine can do so without the need for a visa. A temporary stay is allowed for 3 months, after which Ukrainians must apply for a residence permit. Find out in this article what the rules of entry into Qatar are, with the help of one of our immigration lawyers in Qatar. Plus, Ukrainian citizens can rely on our support for company formation in Qatar, if interested.

Visa waiver upon arrival in Qatar

Ukrainian citizens do not need a visa to enter Qatar. But this is obtained from immigration authorities after entering this country. Here are some of the formalities:

  • A valid passport and travel documents are required.
  • Immigration authorities in Qatar will stamp the passport with the required visa, depending on the period of stay.
  • Certain standard forms will be completed with personal information. You can be helped if you want to move to Qatar from Ukraine.

We remind you that one of our immigration lawyers in Qatar can help you with everything related to the entry formalities in Qatar, including for family members. So, to make sure you have everything you need to immigrate to Qatar from Ukraine, get in touch with our specialists.

Getting a residence permit in Qatar

If the stay is extended for more than 3 months, Ukrainian citizens must apply for a residence permit. Let’s review some of the formalities required for this type of permit:

  • Qatari authorities are requesting a blood test and a lung x-ray as part of the formalities for obtaining a residence permit (RP).
  • You will need to present a valid passport, marriage certification, and educational documents if you have come to Qatar for and accepted a job.
  • The employment contract must also be submitted to the immigration authorities. This is where the employer who can handle such formalities, in collaboration with our local agents, comes into play.
  • You can apply for residence permits for the whole family and you are required to pay a fee of approximately QAR 1,000 for each document issued. You can contact us if you want to move to Qatar from Ukraine.

Ukrainians arriving in Qatar without a job can stay for 3 months while the visa is valid. The application for a residence permit is next and then for the jobs available on the labor market. As for Ukrainian citizens who have already accepted a job in Qatar, they will receive a work and residence permit, an important document for legal residence in this country. We remind you that our immigration lawyers in Qatar can handle all the formalities related to residence and work permits required for Ukrainian citizens. We are here to help you relocate to Qatar from Ukraine.

What you can use your residence permit in Qatar for

A residence permit in Qatar is an extremely important document. Once issued, its owner can take care of renting a house, opening a bank account, accessing loans, and even obtaining a driver’s license. A temporary residence permit is valid for one year, with the possibility of renewal. In the case of work and residence permits in Qatar, this document is valid for 3 years. Find out from our specialists what are all the formalities for obtaining this type of document. They can help you relocate to Qatar from Ukraine.

Interested in residency in Qatar? This can be obtained in approximately 4 weeks from the time of application, but you must take into account that the documents will be carefully checked. But to guarantee an uncomplicated process, we invite you to contact our team of lawyers and find out all the legal aspects. You should also know that you must register with the local authorities once you enter this country.

Why immigrate to Qatar

Besides the excellent living conditions, Qatar is a country that offers multiple possibilities to those interested in business. If you want to open a company in Qatar, the formalities are fast and simple. Optimal business conditions, well-developed infrastructure, and an advantageous charging system are some of Qatar’s strengths. Here are some statistics in this regard:

  • Over $ 28 billion was the total FDI in Qatar in 2020.
  • The country ranks 77th out of 190 world economies in terms of business conditions.
  • Japan, the United States, Singapore, and South Korea are the largest investors in Qatar.

Immigration to Qatar can be a fairly simple and uncomplicated process if you collaborate with our local specialists. They can handle the preparation of the necessary documents, as well as the collaboration with the relevant authorities. Depending on the country you come from and the reasons for relocation, you will need a tourist, work, student, or family visa. You will also be able to apply for a residence permit to live legally in this country. Our lawyers can explain all the legal aspects.

Would you like to know more about how to immigrate to Qatar from Ukraine? Please contact our local agents and benefit from a personalized offer.