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Lawyers in Qatar

Lawyers in Qatar

Our lawyers in Qatar can provide fast, reliable, and diligent services for domestic and international investors interested in opening a company in Qatar. We can offer legal advice and support for all the formalities implicated in the company registration process in Qatar, starting with the documents and ending with business consulting on request. We present to you a few of the aspects and matters we can handle from a legal point of view, and we suggest you address your inquiries to our law firms in Qatar, not before telling you that our immigration lawyers in Qatar are at your disposal for business relocation.

 Quick Facts  
Who can benefit from legal services offered by our law firm in Qatar? Both residents and non-residents in Qatar, whether natural persons or entities

Types of services offered by our lawyers in Qatar

– business registration,

– debt collection,

– legal representation for litigation,

– trademark registration,

– company liquidation

We provide support for tax registration (YES/NO)


Support for opening a bank account in Qatar (YES/NO)


 Application for special licenses and permits (YES/NO)


 We represent companies in case of litigation (YES/NO)


Support for opening a branch in Qatar Yes, we help foreign companies start a branch in Qatar.
Business consultancy for company owners in Qatar

On request

 We offer complete immigration services (YES/NO)


Pro services in Qatar

– employment and immigration matters,

– company formation in Qatar,

– legal translations

Residency/Citizenship in Qatar

Legal advice for persons interested

Business management for company owners

If solicited

Legal advice for high-net-worth investors in Qatar (YES/NO)


Support for mergers & acquisitions (YES/NO)


Our law firm in Qatar offers free case evaluation (YES/NO) Yes

Register a company in Qatar – How we can help

The registration of a company in Qatar is a straightforward process that can be overseen by our law firm in Qatar. Here is what you need to consider at the time you want to start a business in Qatar:

  1. Choose the business form – the limited liability company is the most common structure that can be easily incorporated.
  2. Verify and reserve the business name – this is the first step in business formation.
  3. Open a local bank account and deposit the minimum share capital of QAR 200,000.
  4. Prepare the Articles of Association with information about the owners, general rules, business address, responsibilities, etc.
  5. Apply for the necessary licenses and permits for your future business in Qatar.

The registration of a company in Qatar starts with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, the institution that approves businesses in this country. Our lawyers in Qatar can help investors from the start, in order to benefit from a simple and fast company registration process in Qatar. If interested in immigration to Qatar, feel free to discuss all the details with our advisors.

Can I get legal support for special licenses and permits?

Yes, if you want to commence specific activities that might need licenses and permits, it is recommended to talk to our Qatar lawyers and ask for legal help. Our team of advisors can handle all the formalities and can give advice from the start, assuring that the needed special licenses and permits will be obtained in time. Feel free to get in touch with our law firm in Qatar and talk about these aspects. We can offer you complete legal advice, including for immigration to Qatar.

Can I buy virtual office packages in Qatar?

Yes, virtual office services in Qatar come with a series of advantages in terms of costs compared to traditional offices and can be purchased by any investor. For instance, a prestigious business office in Doha can be solicited, or in any other major city in Qatar. Among the facilities offered, we mention call answering and forwarding, mail collection and forwarding, voicemail and fax services, secretary services, virtual assistant, extra meeting room and hosting services, and many more. If you would like to know all the benefits of a virtual office package, please feel free to talk to our team of consultants.

Is Qatar on your future investment list? If you want to establish a company, you can also opt for the services offered by our accountants in Qatar. We are at your disposal with a series of necessary procedures for your company, among which we mention payroll and bookkeeping. In addition, you can benefit from advantageous prices, depending on the size and number of employees of the firm.

Opening branches and subsidiaries in Qatar

Our immigration lawyers in Qatar can help foreign entrepreneurs establish branches and subsidiaries in Qatar. It is good to note that the Ministerial Decree needs to be obtained for opening a branch in Qatar, as this is a mandatory condition. Also, a power of attorney for the representative of the parent company is required, alongside a copy of the company documents. We have experience in opening branches and subsidiaries in Qatar, so feel free to get in touch with our law firm in Qatar and solicit legal advice.

Residency in Qatar can be obtained quite quickly, having various options in this regard. For example, if you invest at least USD 200,000, you can get permanent residency. In other cases, it is necessary to present an employment contract, proof of new residence, and a valid passport. We also mention that the authorities also require several medical tests, including the HIV test. We invite you to contact our specialists to find out all the details.

Shelf companies in Qatar

Our law firms in Qatar can help you buy a ready-made company in Qatar, a firm that is already incorporated and kept on a shelf. This is often the business choice of foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in a fast start on the market and skip the registration formalities of a firm in Qatar. The ownership transfer of a shelf company in Qatar can be ready in a couple of days, as soon as you direct your inquiries to our advisors and let us handle the formalities. 

Company litigation in Qatar

Companies registered in Qatar may be involved in various disputes at some point. Such problems can be discovered in areas like construction, banking, real estate, trade, and more. Because most of the time such cases cannot be settled amicably, it is the court that will decide on the parties involved in the process. Legal advice is provided from the beginning by our Qatari law firm, with the help of specialists with experience in this area. Laws that apply to disputes of any kind will be entirely explained to business owners who face such legal issues.

An unfulfilled contract, non-payment of services during the period mentioned by the documents, or unfair competition are just some of the problems that can easily turn into litigation, where legal aid is essential.

Company liquidation in Qatar

Liquidation of companies in Qatar involves closing a business. Such a process can take place when the owners of companies agree to cease their activities, which means voluntary liquidation, or when the business is not profitable, and therefore, their closure is required.

The termination of the board of directors will be approved by the Qatar Ministry of Economy and Commerce, and then the closure of the company will be announced with the help of local newspapers.
However, it is important to remember that a company cannot be liquidated if creditors and service providers are not paid, according to the contracts in this respect. The division of assets between the owners of the company is another important aspect to consider in such a situation. We remind you that specialized legal advice is needed, so do not hesitate to talk to our team of lawyers in Qatar. Here is a video with extra details:

Licenses and permits in Qatar

Certain activities in Qatar cannot be started without the necessary licenses. Companies that are to operate in construction, real estate, banking, food & beverages must have the necessary licenses and permits before anything else. This area also comes to the attention of our law firm in Qatar, which will be involved from the very beginning in the process of obtaining such licenses.

Legal advice for company relocation in Qatar

Relocating foreign companies to Qatar is a fairly simple process involving uncomplicated formalities. Here you can benefit from legal support from our lawyers in Qatar, with experience in this field. The relocation process begins with a statement that needs to be signed by owners and administrators. This document mentions the decision of moving the activities to another country, in this case, Qatar.

Immediately,  the termination of contracts with local suppliers and the payment of various obligations in order to relocate the company safely from this point of view is made. Then, immovable properties are relocated to Qatar, during which time the new company is registered with the authorities in this country. Many times, foreign entrepreneurs choose a limited liability company to open a business, due to the permissive structure and extremely simple incorporation. One of our lawyers in Qatar can help you relocate your company and can represent your interests from a legal point of view.

Business management in Qatar

The development of a business, regardless of the chosen destination, must, first of all, contain a good business plan. This must contain complete financial information on investments and expenses, development strategies, risks, and optimal solutions for the smooth running of activities.

In addition to these aspects, it is important to consider a business management plan that a specialist in the field can present to you. Thus, you have the guarantee that the recently established business benefits from support, advice, and guidance throughout its development. There are entrepreneurs at the beginning of the road who do not have enough information about running a business, financially and not only, thus risking directing activities in the wrong path. Therefore, specialized legal advice provided by a lawyer in Qatar may be the best solution for such entrepreneurs, who can be guided from the beginning.

Our law firm in Qatar can offer you the optimal support for setting up companies, starting with the name verification of the future business and ending with the registration with the financial authorities for the appropriate taxation.

In terms of business, Qatar is quite attractive to foreign entrepreneurs, and the following facts and figures highlight the economy and the business direction of this country:

  • around USD 31 billion was the total FDI stock for Qatar in 2019;
  • USA, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore are the main investors of Qatar;
  • the 2020 Doing Business report ranks Qatar 77th out of 190 economies in the world;
  • Qatar has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world, set at 10%, a great benefit in front of international investors;
  • around USD 1,5 billion was the total value of the greenfield investments in Qatar in 2019.

Foreign entrepreneurs who need legal advice and support for starting a company in Qatar are invited to get in touch with our law firm in Qatar. Our team can help with all the formalities and can give complete legal assistance.