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Obtain Return Permit to Qatar

Obtain Return Permit to Qatar

Return permit in Qatar is the type of document with temporary validity that is obtained by foreign citizens who have lived abroad for more than 6 months. Such a document guarantees re-entry into the country, especially if the residence is still valid. Those interested in such a document can contact our specialists and more precisely our immigration lawyers in Qatar.

What you need to know about return allow in Qatar

As mentioned above, a Qatar return permit is the type of document that the authorities in this country require from citizens who have lived in other states for a period of more than 6 months and who want to return. Here is some other useful information about return permit in Qatar:

  •  Qatar return permit is also called re-entry permit.
  •  In the case of citizens who have lost their passports, a return permit in Qatar can be obtained and used.
  •  Sponsors are those who can apply for Qatar return permits, in the case of employees of a foreign company.
  •  a copy of the passport will be requested to obtain the above-mentioned document.
  •  QAR 500 fee is required as payment for obtaining a return permit in Qatar.

We remind you that you can benefit from specialized help and legal advice from our immigration lawyers in Qatar.

Company employees and Qatar return allow

In the case of employees of a foreign company in Qatar, return permits can be obtained quite easily. Employees residing in Qatar and who, due to the job are forced to travel abroad, must apply for a Qatar return permit to get back to this country. The employing company will act as a sponsor and will take care of the necessary formalities for obtaining this type of document. However, we remind you that we need help from our experts who collaborate with competent institutions.

We mention to you that our company formation specialists in Qatar are at your disposal if you want to register a business in this country and get rid of the formalities involved.

Foreigners interested in immigration to Qatar should consider the conditions required for relocation. With the help of our local immigration lawyers, interested candidates can benefit from legal support for the preparation of documents and their presentation to the relevant authorities. They will have the guarantee that the immigration process will be simple and fast, without errors or complexities. Also, those interested can collaborate with us to obtain a residence permit.

Qatar return permits for family members

According to Immigration Law in Qatar, members of a resident’s family need a Qatar return document if they have been abroad for more than 6 months and if their residence is still valid. But you need to offer all the information about the sponsor to relevant institutions.

The residence permit in Qatar can be obtained quite quickly, in a maximum of 4 weeks from the date of application. With the help of our immigration lawyers, you will benefit from support for the preparation of the documents required by the authorities, but also for the collaboration with the relevant authorities. We invite you to discover our legal services and contact us for a free case evaluation and more.

Validity of a Qatar return permit

It is important to note that the validity of a return permit in Qatar is no more than 30 days, but this is specified on the document. In addition, this period allows residents to return to Qatar, and the permit will lose its functionality. We remind you that our team of specialists can help you with all the necessary formalities to be able to obtain a Qatar return permit.

What is an exceptional entry permit to Qatar?

Exceptional entry permit in Qatar is a new type of document addressed to residents affected by COVID-19 restrictions. Therefore, persons who have traveled outside the borders of Qatar, who reside in this country and who want to return can apply for such a permit, but proving certain things:

  •  The return flight has been canceled or rescheduled.
  •  It was not allowed to leave the country at a certain time, due to the health crisis.

This type of permit can also be obtained by the family members of the respective citizen if they went outside the Qatari border together and were blocked on their return due to the epidemic. We remind you that our team of experienced immigration advisors can provide you with the necessary assistance to obtain the documents required by the Qatari authorities, among which, the Ministry of Interior.

Foreign investors in Qatar

Qatar has a stable and positive business climate, and foreigners interested in investments can develop various activities, with matching profits. Being one of the most important energy sources in the world, the country is preferred by large industrialists who benefit from incentives, advantageous taxes, and complete business protection. Moreover, the very good quality infrastructure, the experienced workforce, the free access to global markets, and the set of permissive laws addressed to foreign investors are other strengths of Qatar in front of those interested in business in this country. Here are some interesting figures that emphasize once again the excellent business climate in this country:

  •  It is estimated that Qatar will have a GDP of approximately USD 175 billion in 2022.
  •  Qatar is the third country with the largest oil and gas reserves in the world, and production in this sector can continue for at least 56 years at this rate.
  •  The industrial sector in Qatar represents 60% of the country’s GDP.

Interested in more about Qatar return permitContact us right away.