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Startup in Qatar

Startup in Qatar

International entrepreneurs who want to develop their activities in Qatar can consider registering a startup in Qatar in different sectors of interest. The limited liability company is in most cases the proper business structure available that can be easily registered with the help of our company formation agents in Qatar. We can assist both local and foreign entrepreneurs who want to register a company in Qatar, respecting the applicable laws.

Registering an LLC in Qatar

The limited liability company is the most common and affordable business structure in Qatar and the choice of those interested in a startup in Qatar. A minimum of two shareholders is required for LLC formation in Qatar and it represents the first step in formation, once the sector of activities is selected. Here are some important steps you should observe for registering an LLC in Qatar, helped by our specialists:

  1. One must choose the business name and make some verifications before using it.
  2. QAR 200,000 represents the minimum share capital that needs to be deposited in a local bank account in Qatar.
  3. One or more Qatari partners are required for LLC formation in Qatar. You can have complete ownership for your startup in Qatar if you develop the activities in specific sectors.
  4. If the business requires specific licenses and permits, our specialists in company formation in Qatar can help with the formalities imposed by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce in this country.
  5. The registration for taxation in Qatar is required.

These are in large lines the main steps for registering an LLC in Qatar, helped by our specialists. If you are interested in a startup in Qatar, please feel free to discuss with our agents and see how they can help.

Would you like to immigrate to Qatar? We recommend you collaborate with our team of lawyers with experience in immigration matters. They can successfully manage the formalities involved, namely the preparation of the required paperwork. It is necessary to present a valid passport, proof of work contract in case of foreigners who accepted a job, and proof of domicile in order to obtain a residence permit. Therefore, discuss all the details with one of our local experts. We can also help you set up a company in Qatar and obtain all the necessary documents in just a few days.

What fields can I choose for a startup in Qatar?

Qatar is open for business in a wide range of sectors where entrepreneurs can generate considerable profits. Cloud business management, FMCG, education, transportation, IT, medicine, deliveries, and automotive are among the fields in which a startup can be developed in Qatar. The government sustains the innovative sectors in Qatar and supports entrepreneurs in most fields of interest. If you already selected a sector for your startup in Qatar, you are invited to talk to our company formation agents in Qatar and discuss the registration and incorporation steps of the business.

If you are interested in getting residency in Qatar, we advise you to get in touch with our team of lawyers because they have experience in immigration issues. You will thus be able to have the guarantee that all the required documents are prepared. We can also help foreigners who want to invest in this country to get residency. In this case, the minimum investment amount is USD 200,000. All legal aspects can be explained to you by our specialists, so you can contact us whenever you want.

A website and an application for your startup in Qatar

A successful startup in Qatar can be sustained by a website and a mobile app, right from the start. This way you can be sure that your startup will be visible and accessible to anyone interested in the services you offer on the market. It is quite recommended to pay attention to these aspects because most of businesses are found online and work correctly on the internet. First of all, you will need to find your niche and explore the competitors, see the advantages and disadvantages, in order to avoid any possible mistakes. Plus, a correct and complete marketing and promotion strategy is required for a startup in Qatar because once initiated, the business needs to be seen. If you would like to know more in this direction, please feel free to address our agents in Qatar. You can get in touch with us for comprehensive assistance.

Why make investments in Qatar

Qatar is a great business destination that continues to expand on a yearly basis. The attention to the business needs of investors is important to the authorities in Qatar because they encourage investments in most of the sectors. Qatar is attractive from an investment point of view because of the advantages offered:

  • Easy company formation process.
  • The attractive taxation system.
  • The lack of complexities in the business field.
  • A stable economy and business climate.
  • Many encouragements and incentives are meant to attract foreign investors.

Besides the above-mentioned business advantages in Qatar you might want to discover some interesting facts and figures that highlight the economy of Qatar:

  • Nearly USD 31 billion represented the total FDI stock of Qatar in 2019.
  • Japan, the USA, Singapore, and South Korea are the main investors in Qatar.
  • Qatar has one of the lowest corporate taxes, set at a 10% rate.
  • The 2020 Doing Business report ranked Qatar 77th out of 190 worldwide economies, in terms of ease of doing business.

Interested in more about startups in Qatar? Please feel free to contact our company formation specialists in Qatar and solicit our support. We can help you with company formation services in Qatar, tailored to your needs.