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Payroll in Qatar

Payroll in Qatar

Interested in payroll services in Qatar? Our specialists offer you the necessary support for the company you own in this country. Payroll experts in Qatar deal with calculating and delivering salaries to employees’ accounts, using different platforms and software in this regard. In this article, you can discover information about this type of service and how they are implemented.

Payroll procedures in Qatar

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, payroll in Qatar involves a series of processes and formalities, with the help of which, the salaries of a company‘s employees are calculated and distributed, according to internal rules. Here are some interesting aspects of this case:

  • Before payroll processing in Qatar, registration for the Wage Protection System or WPS is mandatory. This is the electronic transfer system used for the delivery of salaries.
  • Salary Information File is the specific format with which wages and salary payments are registered and which a payroll specialist knows and uses.
  • The calculation of taxes, where applicable, is done before the distribution of salaries.
  • Once the payslips have been drawn up and accepted by the management and the financial department, the salaries will be delivered to the employees’ accounts.

In Qatar, salary payments can be made weekly or monthly, depending on the date set by the company. We mention that companies in Qatar must keep payroll records for at least 6 years. You can discover more about payroll services in Qatar from our specialists who can also help you open a company in Qatar. Also, our local representatives can provide support for immigration to Qatar.

Employment procedures in Qatar

Having permissive legislation, the employment contract in Qatar can also be an oral agreement, instead of a paper contract. However, it is recommended that when you accept a job in Qatar, you discuss the type of contract offered. Thus, you can sign a part-time, full-time, fixed-term, or indefinite contract, depending on the project.

Such a contract must include information about the employer, the type of activities performed by the employee in question, working hours, working conditions, and remuneration. Information about medical leave, maternity leave, holidays, and even details about how to end the respective collaboration will also be specified.

With the help of our payroll specialists in Qatar, you can ensure that everything is in order with the calculation and delivery of salaries. Our specialists can tell you more about payroll services in Qatar.

What is the minimum wage in Qatar?

According to Wageindicator.org, the minimum wage in Qatar is QAR 1,000 per month or approximately USD 275. But there are other benefits besides this salary, as follows:

  • QAR 500 per month is the housing allowance offered by the employer.
  • QAR 300 represents food allowance, also money offered in addition to salary.
  • In total per month, the employee can take QAR 1,800.

Basically, these are the compensations offered by the employer, in addition to the minimum guaranteed salary. Besides these, the employing companies must offer employees medical insurance coverage. Regarding contributions and related taxes, we mention:

  • 10% rate is the employer’s social security contribution rate, calculated on the employee’s basic salary.
  • There are no social insurance premiums paid for foreign employees in Qatari companies.
  • Employees in the private sector in Qatar must contribute 5% of their salary in the case the company sets up a pension fund scheme.

Would you like to know more about payroll in Qatar? Our specialists can answer your questions right away, so give us a call or email in this matter.