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Pro Services in Qatar

Pro Services in Qatar

Pro services in Qatar involve a number of facilities designed to help foreign entrepreneurs establish their activities in this country. Our company formation agents in Qatar have experience in matters such as company license, immigration, and workers-related aspects, visas, residence permits, and more. If you would like to open a company in Qatar, we kindly invite you to send your inquiries to our pro service providers in Qatar.

 Quick Facts  
What are PRO services?  PRO services refer to a wide range of activities associated with applications and governmental documents in terms of business formation, licenses and permits, immigration services, labor matters, legal translations, and more. 

 Types of PRO services in Qatar

– company formation,

– immigration matters,

– employment and human resources administration,

– representation with a power of attorney, etc. 

Who can benefit from PRO services in Qatar? 

Clients wanting to develop their business in Qatar and rely on the support of a dedicated team of specialists in the field. 

Company formation formalities in Qatar 

– preparing the Articles of Association,

– registration with the local authorities,

– opening a bank account,

– registration for tax payment, etc.

 Immigration issues

 We can prepare the formalities and procedures for obtaining entry visas, work permits, residence visas, etc.

 Support for company relocation (YES/NO)


 Legal translation services (YES/NO)


Management advice for your firm in Qatar 

 On request, for interested customers.

 Individual and commercial PRO services offered in Qatar

Both companies and natural persons can benefit from complete PRO services in Qatar, depending on the projects and business plans. 

Communication and collaboration with the relevant authorities 


– business incorporation in Qatar,

– visa application,

– employment matters, etc. 

Support for business license renewal 

Submissions are made with the Commercial Registration and Licenses Department. 

Trademark registration in Qatar 

 We file trademark applications with the Qatari Ministry of Economy and Commerce.

 Power of attorney

We represent clients in a wide range of legal and administrative tasks with a power of attorney. 

 Multiple PRO resources available

We have a team ready to meet your expectations by handling a wide range of business-related aspects with minimal input from customers. 

Why choose our PRO services in Qatar? 

– experienced team,

– efficiency,

– transparency,

– personalized approach,

– cost-effective solutions 

Immigration issues – how we can help you

Foreigners who want to open their business in Qatar need to get an idea of immigration and visa formalities. Although Qatar accepts the visa-free entry of citizens from more than 85 countries, there are other states for which this type of approval is needed. An investor visa for Qatar, for example, is part of the Qatar Golden Visa program aimed at foreign investors who want to do business in this country. Our immigration lawyers in Qatar can help you with the required formalities, including checking the financial resources to be invested, criminal records, health insurance, and much more. Here are other aspects related to immigration that can be offered by our pro service providers in Qatar:

  • Visa for Qatar – Citizens coming from countries that are not part of the agreement on free entry into Qatar must ensure that they have the necessary visa. Our local agents can help you with the application process, formalities, and other aspects.
  • Residence permit – Investments of at least USD 200,000 guarantee a 5-year residency, an advantage appreciated by foreigners.
  • Relocation of companies – This process is quite simple and can be supervised by our specialists. If you want to relocate employees, we can help you with visa formalities, residence, and work permits.

You can get in touch with our service providers in Qatar and discover all our facilities. We are here to offer you all the necessary support if you want to move to Qatar.

Company formation in Qatar

The establishment of companies comes to the attention of our pro service providers in Qatar. Our specialists can help you with all the formalities related to documents, registration with the relevant authorities, registration for payment of fees, obtaining business licenses (plus their renewal) and other approvals, opening a bank account, and other important aspects. For a minimum share capital of QAR 200,000, foreign investors can open a limited liability company in Qatar. In addition, you will be able to benefit from the services offered by our lawyers in Qatar if you want to know more about the business climate, management, etc. Feel free to talk to our pro services providers in Qatar.

Immigration to Qatar can be a straightforward process if the conditions and formalities imposed are respected. In this sense, you can discuss the legal aspects with one of our immigration lawyers who can represent your interests. Thus, you will be able to be helped to obtain the necessary visa, but also to issue the residence permit. We are here to explain step by step the resettlement process in this country.

Below is a video presentation that might help you understand the PRO services we offer in Qatar:

PRO services in Qatar

Legal translation services – you can rely on us

Certain personal or company documents must be translated and legalized. There are institutions in Qatar that want this type of document to be translated into Arabic, so it is important to ask for specialized help. You can ask for details about pro services in Qatar, including prices for translating documents and legalizing them.

Interested in getting a residence permit in Qatar? Our immigration lawyers can help you in this regard. They can successfully manage the involved formalities and return the necessary documents. The procedures required by the authorities will be explained to you and you can be represented throughout the process. Normally, obtaining this permit is done within a maximum of 4 weeks from the date of application, but first of all, we will ensure the accuracy of the required documents.

Employment matters we can handle

Both local and foreign entrepreneurs are advised to consider our pro services in Qatar if they want to hire workers. Labor law can be complex for those who have never faced such situations. Work permits for foreign workers require special attention in terms of registration formalities, therefore, an expert can provide the necessary support so as not to face possible rejections. You may contact us if you want more details about company incorporation in Qatar.

Why use pro services in Qatar?

As a businessman, time is limited, and outsourced support in various fields is more than recommended. So, our pro services in Qatar are at your disposal if you want to set up a company in Qatar, register employees, deal with immigration matters, and collaborate with relevant institutions. You can also rely on us for the following:

  • Opening a bank account for your business in Qatar.
  • Support for obtaining visas for foreign employees.
  • Personal manager for the company you own, with clear responsibilities regarding your business.
  • Preparation of the necessary documents for various registered with the state institutes, without delays or penalties
  • Attestation of company documents in Qatar.
  • Offering commercial and individual pro services in Qatar.

Many of the business aspects can be outsourced and thus you can benefit from complete packages at favorable prices. Thus, all tasks can be successfully completed by our team, without having to hire personnel for such tasks. We invite you to discover our personalized offers and to discuss more with us about pro services in Qatar.

What to analyze when looking for pro services in Qatar

It is very important to have a well-established plan when looking for pro services in Qatar. Maybe you are interested in certain aspects related to legislation and business or maybe you want the whole process of company incorporation in Qatar to be simple and fast, without complexities. Therefore, when you are looking for pro services in Qatar, you must make sure that the chosen company can:

  • Collaborate with local authorities.
  • Resolve various issues.
  • Communicates with company management on different aspects.
  • Provide efficient services, with optimal solutions at hand for any kind of business issue.
  • Deal with varied management tasks.

When you meet these elements you can say that you have chosen a good pro services firm in Qatar. Everything starts with sending the desired request, then we will analyze it and propose an interesting and advantageous package from a financial point of view. Therefore, we invite you to contact our company formation agents in Qatar and learn more about pro services in Qatar.

What other tasks can be solved with pro services in Qatar

In addition to those mentioned above, pro services in Qatar may also involve the following tasks and procedures:

  • Renewal of commercial registration, where applicable.
  • Removing or adding partners in the firm, according to a standard protocol.
  • Business license renewal.
  • Assistance in registering a trademark.
  • Support and advice in collaboration with government organizations.
  • Also represented are guidance in foreign affairs verification services.
  • Legal translations.

Why choose our pro services in Qatar?

We offer to those interested in effective pro services in Qatar, both for companies and for interested individuals, at advantageous prices. Thus, you can focus better on the investments and business you have to do, while our specialists can take care of various tasks. We have know-how and experience and we can offer you complete pro services in Qatar, considering the quality-price ratio. Therefore, you can rely on our support and expertise when you decide on doing business in Qatar, in a professional manner.

Making investments in Qatar – a great option for foreigners

Qatar continues to attract the attention of international players who want to expand their portfolio in various fields, for consistent profits. The country offers an extremely tender business climate, and here the taxation system helps, the incentives offered by the government, and the excellent infrastructure. The oil & gas sector absorbs the most investments and is currently the most prolific in the country. But there are other interesting statistics about Qatar’s economic direction:

  1. According to the 2020 Doing Business report, Qatar ranked 77th out of 190 world economies in terms of optimal business conditions.
  2. Around USD 29 billion was the total FDI in Qatar in 2020.
  3. National Vision 2030 is a program implemented by the Qatari authorities to attract as much investment as possible and to stimulate the economy. A number of reforms have already been adopted.
  4. Foreign investors benefit from 100% ownership in companies, in most sectors and industries.

If you want to discover our pro services in Qatar, we invite you to contact our team and find out all the details. We are here to offer you the necessary support for a good start in company formation in Qatar.