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Obtain Residency in Qatar

Obtain Residency in Qatar

residence permit in Qatar can be obtained as soon as you move to this country. The process of issuing a residence card in Qatar in 2024 is not complicated, and foreigners can rely on the services of our specialists. In addition, those who want to start a company in Qatar can be guided by our agents who have experience in this field and who can handle all the formalities. We invite you to talk to our immigration lawyers in Qatar and see how you can be helped for obtaining an investor visa in Qatar. 

 Quick Facts  
 Temporary residence permit types

Work and residence permit in Qatar 

 Time needed to obtain Qatar residence permit (approx.)

 Between 2 and 4 weeks

 Temporary residence permit validity

 Between 2 and 4 weeks

 Documents for obtaining temporary residence

– employment contract,

– proof of domicile,

– medical tests,

– valid passport to obtain residency in Qatar 

 Mandatory registrations with state authorities (i.e. with the population/municipality register)

Foreigners must register with the local authorities in Qatar 

Dependents can join the temporary permit holder (Yes/No) 


Temporary or permanent residency for investment purposes 

Investments of at least USD200,000 to gain permanent residency in Qatar 

Type of investments available for residency purposes 

– real estate investments,

– business formation or relocation 

Minimum investment amount 

 USD 200,000

Minimum temporary residence before applying for permanent residence

– 20 years for non-Qatari born outside the state,

– 10 years for applicants born in Qatar 

Residency in Qatar for individuals married to a citizen of the country 

Qatar Family Visa Application, with documents like: marriage certificate, proof of salary, rental contract 

Documents for obtaining permanent residence 

– standard forms offered by Qatari Immigration office,

– current residence permit,

– valid passport 

 Naturalization requirements

– residency for at least 20 years,

– clear criminal record,

– financial means,

– application made inside Qatar,

– knowledge of Arabic language 

 Citizenship requirement after permanent residence 

Living at least 25 years without interruption in Qatar 

 Dual citizenship permitted (Yes/No)  No

Requirements for residency in Qatar

Foreigners who want to work in Qatar in 2024 need a residence permit. What is important to know is that the employer can start the formalities for obtaining a residence permit in Qatar, this being the main sponsor, employed in this process. Moreover, those waiting for residency and investor visa in Qatar are advised not to leave the country until the process is complete. Here are the conditions required to obtain residency in Qatar:

  •  Entry in Qatar is made with a single-entry visa.
  •  The foreign citizen should have a blood test to detect possible diseases such as HIV and a chest x-ray.
  •  The employment contract is then presented to the authorities, together with the valid passport, copies of the professional certificates, and the marriage certificate, if applicable.
  •  The first temporary residence permit is obtained in Qatar, and will then be transformed into a permanent one, but under other conditions.
  •  The employer, together with one of our specialists will supervise the process of obtaining a residence permit for Qatar. It can take about two weeks.

We remind you that the residence permit in Qatar costs around QAR 1,000, a payment that will be made annually. Do not hesitate to talk to our team of immigration lawyers in Qatar and find out all the details about the documents required to obtain residency and investor visa in Qatar.  We are here to help you with immigration to Qatar and related issues.

A residence permit in Qatar allows foreigners to rent a property, or a car, get a driver’s license, and even access bank credit. Having this document should be a priority once relocating to Qatar for a long period. Below is an infographic with details about residency in Qatar:

Who qualifies for Qatar permanent residency?

A permanent residency is issued only for foreigners living in Qatar for at least 20 years, fluent in Arabic, and with a clear criminal record, to name a few of the requirements imposed. Plus, the authorities will ask for information about personal incomes to see if candidates can support their living, including family members. More on this topic and about immigration to Qatar can be offered by our local advisors.

Persons who lost their residence permit can make a new one at the immigration office. In this sense, an ID form must be completed, alongside the payment of a fee of around QAR 200 for the new document.

A residence permit in Qatar is required for all foreigners living or relocating to this country. Even though tourists and non-residents can stay in Qatar as long as the visa lets, after this period or in case of obtaining a job, it is recommended to apply for a residence permit in Qatar.

You might want to watch the video presentation we have prepared on this topic:

Qatar permanent residency by investment – What you need to know

The Investment Promotion Agency in Qatar recently revised the conditions for Qatar permanent residency by investment to attract more foreigners to the country. As such, citizens from overseas can purchase properties worth at least USD 200,000 in 25 areas of Qatar and obtain temporary residence. In the case of investments of USD 1 million, applicants can enjoy the benefits of Qatar permanent residency by investment like complete healthcare plans and free education. Such a program allows candidates to bring their family members too, so those interested in Qatar residency by investment or investor visa in Qatar are suggested to talk to our specialists and see how they can be helped. 

Immigration to Qatar and the formalities involved come to the attention of our lawyers with experience in this field. First of all, you must apply for the necessary visa, respectively choose from the one dedicated to tourists, for work in this country, for business, or for reuniting with family members. then it follows that the candidates apply for a residence permit by providing proof of new domicile. Therefore, there are several aspects to take into account, but all the information can be obtained from our experts.

Candidates for obtaining a residence permit in Qatar must apply in this country for that document. Our immigration experts can help here, and it is recommended not to leave the country until this document is issued by the authorities.

What are the benefits of Qatar permanent residency?

Qatar permanent residency comes with a series of benefits like the possibility of staying outside the country for longer than 6 months, and complete and free access to education and healthcare (family members included). Entrepreneurs in Qatar can invest and start companies in many economic sectors that are normally granted only to nationals. 

The real estate sector, for instance, is quite generous from an investment point of view, already hosting a large number of companies activating in this field. Here are some facts and figures that highlight the economic direction of Qatar:

  • In matters of total FDIs for 2021, Qatar registered nearly USD 27,53 billion.
  • The corporate tax rate in Qatar is set at 10%, a huge advantage for businessmen worldwide.
  • The 2020 Doing Business report ranked Qatar 77th out of 190 economies for simplified business formalities and more.
  • Non-Qatari investors enjoy a huge benefit like having 100% ownership of the company.

Qatar residence permit renewal – What you need to consider

Citizens residing in Qatar who wish to renew their residence permits in 2024 can do so by calling on specialist help from our experienced immigration lawyers in Qatar. E-visa online is the system with which foreigners apply for the necessary visas and permits, reminding that the Ministry of Interior in Qatar is the institution that supervises this process and provides the necessary approvals. Here’s what you need to know if you need a Qatar residence permit renewal:

  •  QAR 500 is the approximate license fee renewal fee in Qatar.
  •  Both online application processes for Qatar residence permit renewal and offline are allowed.
  •  The renewal of the residence permit is made for one year or 3.
  •  QID is the identification code that helps to renew the residence permit in Qatar.
  • Applicants for residence permits in Qatar must also provide some documents from the employer.

Normally, the process of obtaining a residence permit in Qatar should not take more than 4 weeks. Once obtained, foreign citizens can apply for family members as well, specifying that the employing company can act as a sponsor. In this case, a family residence permit will be issued.

Therefore, residents who want to extend their residence permit in Qatar can turn to our specialists. Our immigration lawyers in Qatar can handle all the necessary documents and formalities, so you can be sure that the application will not be rejected for various reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our specialists often receive questions about the residence permit in Qatar, the timeframe, and the necessary documents. Therefore, we have prepared some of these questions, hoping that the answers will help you get an idea of the formalities imposed by the Qatari authorities, including the ones referring to Qatar residence permit renewal

What is a temporary residence permit in Qatar?

temporary residence permit in Qatar is the first document obtained by foreign citizens who relocate to this country. This permit can be renewed, and at some point, it can become a permanent residence permit in Qatar.

How long can the residence permit in Qatar be renewed?

Normally, residence permits in Qatar are renewed in about 325 days, as long as the process takes. For this reason, it is good to consider the validity of this document, so that you can then apply for its renewal. We remind you that you can be helped by our immigration lawyers in Qatar.

How can I check the validity of my residence permit in Qatar?

The Minister of the Interior can provide information on the validity of residence permits in Qatar. You can access the official website of this institution, but to find out all the details about this aspect, we invite you to talk to us.

How can a residence permit be obtained by foreigners who want to work in Qatar?

Employers are those who provide information about the employment contract, to those institutions that deal with applications for visas, work permits, and residence permits. Together with these, our specialists will take care of the required formalities.

Who can get a permanent residence permit in Qatar?

This status can be obtained under certain conditions, by people who have already lived in Qatar for at least 20 years. The authorities will also check the criminal record.

What happens if I have an expired residence permit in Qatar?

According to Immigration Law in Qatar, citizens who have not renewed their residence permit on time can pay fines. It is recommended to consider the validity of this act in order to avoid potential penalties.

How can foreign investors receive a permanent residence permit in Qatar?

Foreign businessmen who want to obtain permanent residence in Qatar must invest USD 1 million. There are a number of benefits that come with this status, but for more information please contact our company formation agents in Qatar.

What is a work and residence permit in Qatar?

Work and residence permit or RP is the document that certifies that you can live and work in Qatar legally. Employers must provide full details about the type of contract offered to foreigners who want to work in Qatar.

How long does it take to obtain a residence permit in Qatar?

Normally, residence permits in Qatar are obtained in about 4 weeks, but the process can be extended if all the conditions are not met. It is important to emphasize that applicants should not leave the country during the process of obtaining a residence permit in Qatar.

What can be done with a residence permit in Qatar?

Qatar residence permit is the type of document that offers many benefits, including signing a contract with the utility provider, signing a lease, and even applying for a bank loan.

Working with our specialists in Qatar

We have a dedicated team of company formation specialists in Qatar with experience in business incorporation and related services. Support for documents preparation and registration with the relevant authorities, tax registration, accounting and payroll, support for acquiring special licenses and permits, company secretary, and virtual office packages are available facilities for local and international entrepreneurs in Qatar. 

You can get in touch with us and find out how you can benefit from personalized offers if you would like to apply for Qatar residency by investment/ investor visa in Qatar.