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Immigrate to Qatar from Australia

Immigrate to Qatar from Australia

If you want to immigrate to Qatar from Australia, you must consider the formalities for obtaining an entry visa. Our specialists in immigration to Qatar can offer you support and assistance in this regard to avoid possible problems from the start. In the following lines, you can find out information about how to move to Qatar from Australia.

How to apply for a visa in Qatar as an Australian citizen

Here is some information and procedures related to obtaining a visa for Qatar, issued for Australian citizens:

  • A visa waiver for 30 days is issued upon arrival in Qatar.
  • Australian citizens must present a passport valid for at least 6 months and with two blank pages.
  • Health insurance is needed to cover the duration of the stay in Qatar. Health insurance providers from Qatar are recommended.
  • Also, Australian citizens must have sufficient funds and prove this with a bank statement.
  • The visa waiver allows single and multiple entries in these 30 days, with the possibility of an extension. Contact us to find out more about how to immigrate to Qatar from Australia.

These are some of the requirements for obtaining a visa in Qatar. Those who want to relocate to Qatar from Australia are advised to ask for specialized help. Our experts can help with the formalities in this regard.

How to apply for residency in Qatar

Residence and work permits in Qatar can be useful for Australians who want to move to this country after accepting a job offer. Among the formalities, we mention:

  • Presentation of a valid passport.
  • The employing company acts as a sponsor, and the employment contract will be presented here.
  • If all documents are accepted, a Work Visa and Residence card will be issued, valid for 3 years.

We remind you that our specialists can help you with the procedures for obtaining a work and residence permit in Qatar, so do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to tell you more about how to immigrate to Qatar from Australia.

Family visas for Australians in Qatar

Australians who have obtained a residence permit and relocated to Qatar can act as sponsors for family members and bring them into the country. Thus, among the formalities, the authorities request an approval letter showing Australian citizens work in Qatar. There are standard forms that must be filled in, and these are provided by the Expatriated Affairs and Unified Services Centers, which also accept applications for family members. Our expert can tell you more about how to immigrate to Qatar from Australia.

We remind you that if you want to move to Qatar from Australia and you are thinking of bringing family members, you can opt for our services. We can tell you more about the procedures involved in this regard, to benefit from a smooth and easy process. Get in touch with us if you want to immigrate to Qatar from Australia.

Statistics about immigration in Qatar

Here are some interesting facts and data about the immigration rate in Qatar:

  • The data for the first months of 2024 showed a current net migration rate of approximately 8.23 per 1000 population.
  • About 8.66 per 1000 population was the net migration rate for Qatar in 2023.
  • Approximately 9.86 per 1000 population was the net migration rate in Qatar for 2022.

In addition to support for immigration from Australia, our specialists can also help you with company incorporation in Qatar. Thus, those who want to set up a company in Qatar can call our team. Also, those who want to open a company in Qatar have other services available. Our accountant in Qatar can provide the necessary support for brand-new firms. Contact us for company formation in Qatar, but also for details about how to relocate to Qatar from Australia.