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Immigrate to Qatar from Russia

Immigrate to Qatar from Russia

Citizens wishing to immigrate to Qatar from Russia must apply for a Qatar tourist visa. It allows a stay of 3 months. There are other formalities that a Russian citizen must consider, and you can find more information in this regard from our immigration lawyers in Qatar. Also, if you are interested in starting a business in Qatar, you can collaborate with us and discover our services.

Conditions to obtain a Qatar visa as a Russian citizen

It is important to note that Russian citizens can arrive in Qatar without a visa, and then consider the formalities for obtaining it in the country. Let’s review some of these:

  • Provide a valid passport and travel documents.
  • A stamp will be placed on your passport when you arrive in Qatar.
  • Qatari authorities are demanding documents such as a negative Covid test or a Covid passport stating that Russian citizens have been vaccinated.
  • Information about domicile in Qatar as well as return tickets is required. You can learn more about how to relocate to Qatar from Russia from our immigration lawyers.

Have you decided on immigration to Qatar? You will need legal services and support for the preparation of the necessary documents. in addition to specific forms with personal information, you need a valid passport, proof of personal income, and domicile. In the case of those who want to work in this country, it will be necessary to present an employment contract. We, therefore, recommend that you get in touch with our lawyers and find out all the details of relocation to this country.

Qatar visa extension – Is it possible?

Yes, Russian citizens who want to extend their stay in Qatar for more than 3 months must take into account the formalities and conditions imposed by the Ministry of Interior. A QAR 200 fee is paid and then the visa extension period is chosen. And this kind of formality comes to the attention of our lawyers who can help the Russian citizens to apply for a Qatar visa extension.

Residency in Qatar – Who to obtain the permit to stay here

residence permit is required for those who want to relocate to Qatar from Russia. If the move occurs at the same time as accepting a job, then the employer can handle the formalities for work and residence permits in Qatar. In addition to the visa for Qatar and the employment contract, the Qatari authorities also require the presentation of an HIV test and a lung x-ray. Professional certificates and qualifications are also required as part of the process for obtaining work and residence permits in Qatar.

We remind you of the support and legal advice provided by our local agents in Qatar if you want to immigrate to Qatar from Russia.

Is permanent residence offered in Qatar for Russian citizens?

Obtaining a permanent residence permit in Qatar is possible only after 20 years of residence in this country. The process is simple, but applicants must prove a stable income to cover the expenses of all family members with whom they live in Qatar. If you want to immigrate to Qatar from Russia, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our immigration lawyers.

Russian company relocation to Qatar

Russian citizens who want to relocate to Qatar with their business can do so if they receive the approval of the relevant authorities in that country. The relocation of a company is possible immediately after the activities are completed in Russia, and then the company will be registered in Qatar. And to give you an idea of the economy in Qatar, we present the following data:

  • The total FDI in Qatar was over USD 28.6 billion in 2020.
  • Foreign direct investment in Qatar increased by about $ 8.2 million in the September 2021 quarter, compared to a decrease of $ 57.1 million in the previous quarter, according to the latest data.
  • The 2020 Doing Business report ranked Qatar 77th out of 190 world economies in terms of business conditions.
  • The corporate tax rate in Qatar is set at 10%.

Want to know more about how to immigrate to Qatar from RussiaContact our team of specialists for more information.