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Employee/ Personnel Relocation to Qatar

Employee/ Personnel Relocation to Qatar

If you want to open a business and you want to know more about employee relocation to Qatar, you can opt for the services offered by our company formation agents in Qatar. You can thus familiarize yourself with the immigration rules and find out what the steps are for personnel relocation to Qatar. We invite you to read in the following lines some interesting aspects about this subject, not before specifying the fact that you can benefit from support for company formation in Qatar.

Visa and work permits for employees in Qatar

If you want to open a company in Qatar and you are also interested in employee/personnel relocation to Qatar, you must consider the immigration formalities. In most cases, a work permit is needed for your employees, but depending on the countries they come from. Here are some essential details:

  • Obtaining a work permit for Qatar involves the presentation of the employment contract and information about the employing company. The latter must collaborate with the immigration authorities and provide the necessary information.
  • Biometric data, a valid passport, and a certificate of good health are required for each employee.
  • The Ministry of Labor in Qatar requests other information but provides standard forms.

In most cases, a work permit in Qatar is issued at the same time as the residence permit, which greatly simplifies the formalities. If you want more information about employee/personnel relocation to Qatar, we invite you to talk to our specialists. They can provide you with complete details about immigration to Qatar.

Who has priority in the labor market in Qatar?

Normally, as it happens in many countries, those who have priority in the labor market in Qatar are the citizens of this country. However, if the valid jobs are not filled, the companies registered in this country have the possibility to hire foreign workers. We recommend specialized help for employee/personnel relocation to Qatar, if you are thinking of opening a business here or if you want to move your operations from your country of origin. On the other hand, you can also call on us for the services of an accountant in Qatar, regardless of your situation.

Some information about the labor market in Qatar

Qatar is a top destination when it comes to foreign employers and employees. There are many businesses that can be found in the oil field (the third strongest sector in the world), tourism, health, or education. Here are some interesting aspects:

  • The working week is 40 hours.
  • Those who have been working in the company for at least 5 years have the right to 3 weeks of vacation.
  • There are two days off per week and 10 national holidays.
  • QAR 1,800 is the minimum wage per month in Qatar.
  • There is no income tax on salaries in Qatar.

Working with our agents for employee/personnel relocation to Qatar

Company formation in Qatar can be in the attention of entrepreneurs with visions of expanding their portfolio in an extremely attractive destination. But in order for things to be simplified from the very beginning, we recommend specialized help from our local agents. They can take care of the formalities related to employee/ personnel relocation to Qatar, once the company is registered. It is important to align and respect the procedures for obtaining a residence permit in Qatar for your employees, as soon as they arrive in the country. You can rely on us to benefit from the support and services of our experts.

So, if you want complete information about employee/ personnel relocation to Qatar, you can contact us whenever you want. We can also help you set up a company in Qatar.