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Open a Foundation in Qatar

Open a Foundation in Qatar

If you want to open a foundation in Qatar, we advise you to discuss all matters with our local agents. They have experience in the field and can guide you regarding the necessary documents and approvals required by the relevant authorities, among other aspects. In the following lines, you can read some information about how to start a foundation in Qatar.

What are the formalities for opening a foundation in Qatar?

Below are some of the procedures linked to opening a foundation in Qatar:

  • Opening a foundation in Qatar requires approval from the Qatar Financial Center (QFC) and other relevant authorities.
  • Single online application is a document that must be completed with important information about the foundation in Qatar.
  • Around USD 5,000 is the application fee that must be paid at the time of registration of a foundation in Qatar.
  • A “Declaration and Consent” form must be signed by the creator/s of the foundation in Qatar.
  • A “No Objection Certificate” from a Qatari sponsor or entity is requested.
  • In the case of entities that want to open a foundation in Qatar, these should present a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation.

These are some of the formalities and procedures that must be considered for opening a foundation in Qatar. We advise you to contact our company formation agents in Qatar for complete information.

Other relevant information for opening a foundation in Qatar

If you want to set up a company in Qatar, you must take into account the legal requirements. It is also valid for foundations in Qatar. For example, the incorporation documents must include information about the founding members, the intentions and objectives of the foundation in question, as well as details about the representative of such entity. Also, if there are assets linked to the foundation, these must be found in its relevant documents. Data on beneficiaries and registered offices are also requested. In addition, the documents must be in English and Arabic. Considering these aspects, we suggest you discuss all aspects with one of our local agents.

In which sectors of interest can foundations be registered in Qatar?

Foundations are non-profit organizations that are generally found in the social sectors. Many choose to establish foundations in the fields of education, health, and other areas of interest, with a positive impact on society. The authorities in Qatar fully encourage non-profit entities, such as foundations, and as long as they have clear objectives, ensure proper governance, and respect the financial management rules, they are accepted.

Economy facts in Qatar

We invite you to find out some information about the economy in Qatar if you want to open a company in Qatar or maybe even a foundation:

  • The data for 2023 showed a total GDP of around USD 267 billion.
  • The fiscal surplus of Qatar’s GDP was approximately 14% in 2022.
  • Also in 2022, there was an increase of over 53% in public sector revenues in Qatar, with a value that exceeded USD 81 billion.

In addition to company incorporation in Qatar and the establishment of a foundation, foreign clients can also benefit from other services. For example, our accountants in Qatar are at your disposal with dedicated services. On the other hand, immigration to Qatar comes to the attention of our specialists with experience in such problems. They can help you obtain residency in Qatar. Contact us right away for company formation in Qatar and other services.