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Open an SPV in Qatar

Open an SPV in Qatar

If you want to open an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) in Qatar, we advise you to get in touch with our specialists. You can thus find out what the registration formalities are and when it is necessary to opt for this business structure. In the following lines, you can find out some interesting information about what SPV company entails in Qatar and how it can be registered. We have experience in company formation in Qatar and we can guide you in this regard.

What is an SPV company in Qatar?

A local or foreign company can establish an SPV company in Qatar, with specific objectives and dedicated to certain projects. In this sense, the assets of a company can be secured and financial risks minimized. Here are other interesting aspects if you want to open an SPV in Qatar:

  • The Ministry of Economy and Commerce is the authority in charge of name registration of an SPV company in Qatar.
  • The Memorandum of Association is the document that specifies in detail the purposes and objectives of an SPV company in Qatar.
  • The computer Card or Establishment Card is required for the registration of an SPV company in Qatar.
  • If you want to open an SPV in Qatar, you must also apply for a trade license.

Considering these aspects, the recommendation is to discuss all the procedures and formalities of setting up an SPV company in Qatar with our local agents.

Best use of SPVs in Qatar

Many of those interested in doing business in Qatar want to minimize the financial risks for their projects, using SPV companies. The structure has clear objectives and can be chosen for projects in the real estate sector or infrastructure, for example. On the other hand, entrepreneurs can invest in this SPV, without involving the parent company. In certain cases, opening an SPV company in Qatar is the ideal option from a tax point of view. We specify that with an SPV company in Qatar, receivables and loans can be sequestered.

The right structure for SPVs in Qatar

A limited liability company is the optimal structure for opening an SPV company in Qatar. Our consultants can tell you the steps to register this structure if you decide to open an SPV in Qatar.

Advantages of an SPV in Qatar

Many foreign entrepreneurs choose to open an SPV in Qatar due to the advantages offered. If you want to open a company in Qatar and understand the business direction and economy, you might want to read the following matters:

  • for securitization of company assets,
  • suitable in sectors like real estate,
  • in mortgage-backed securities to collect payments for specific loans before other creditors of the bank,
  • it can be used to increase capital at more satisfactory borrowing rates than the parent company,
  • a company can create an SPV in Qatar to own properties for sale,
  • a legal structure for businesses to commence specific economic activities while lessening risk and increasing tax effectiveness.

If you want to set up a company in Qatar, you can also discover the following data about the country’s economy:

  • Qatar’s economy grew by approximately 4.8% in 2022, and the World Cup organized in this country had the biggest impact.
  • 54.4 was the Purchasing Managers’ Index or PMI in April 2022.
  • The non-hydrocarbon sector experienced an increase of approximately 6.8% in the same year.

Do you want to know the formalities for immigration to Qatar? Do you want to apply for residency in Qatar? You can call our specialists with confidence. You also have at your disposal the services offered by our accountant in Qatar for the company you own, including if you want to open an SPV in Qatar. Company incorporation in Qatar and its formalities scan be attentively managed by our team. Contact us today!