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Obtain Family Visa in Qatar

Obtain Family Visa in Qatar

Qatar family visa is required for those who want to reunite with their family and who want to visit the country for a short period. Such a visa is valid for one month but it can be extended under certain conditions. Find out from immigration consultants in Qatar about the formalities involved to obtain this type of visa. One can benefit from a simple and fast visa process.

Requirements for a family visa in Qatar 

As mentioned above, this visa is intended for a short period of time to visit the family in Qatar. The process of obtaining a Qatar family visa begins with the preparation of documents and other formalities as follows:

  •  In the case of spouses, a valid identity card and passport are required.
  •  A copy of the marriage certificate will also be requested.
  •  A letter mentioning details about the applicant’s profession and salary is required.
  •  In addition to health insurance, proof of the return plane ticket is also required.
  •  Those who are sponsors for relatives must provide copies of personal documents, including birth certificates.

The Ministry of Interior in Qatar is the institution that receives the file with the documents mentioned above, either online or offline. Regardless of the method you choose, you need specialized consulting in order to benefit from a simple process, without fear that you could be rejected. So, you can talk to our specialists in case you want to apply for a family visa in Qatar. We can also help you register a company in Qatar.

Can a Qatar family visa be extended?

family visa in Qatar has a validity period of one month, but citizens can apply for its extension for another 5 months. This advantage is offered to first and second-degree relatives, but according to Qatari laws, a medical test is required before application. So, for more information in this direction, do not hesitate to talk to immigration consultants in Qatar.

Costs for Qatar family visa

Qatar family visa involves certain costs that candidates must take into account. Therefore, the fee for this visa is around QAR 200 and QAR 50 for each registered member. The same costs will apply in the case of Qatari family visa extension. It is important to note that the authorities impose fines for those who exceed the residence limit with this type of visa in Qatar.

How to convert the family visa in Qatar into a residence visa

According to Qatari laws, those who want to exchange a family visa in Qatar with a residence visa can do so under certain conditions. For example, you need financial information to prove that you can be a family sponsor. We remind you that you can ask for the support of our immigration specialists in Qatar who can manage the imposed formalities, and to benefit from a simple process.

Short details about Qatar residence

residence permit in Qatar is required immediately upon arrival in this country. This document certifies that you can legally stay in Qatar, according to the laws. What is important to note is that applicants do not have to leave the country throughout the application process for a residence permit in Qatar. Regarding the documents required to obtain a residence permit in Qatar, candidates must also prepare a copy of the employment contract, a valid passport, and a marriage certificate if applicable. In addition, authorities require an HIV test and other medical tests. We remind you that we need specialized consulting that can be offered by our specialists in the field.

Is immigration to Qatar on your list? The recommendation is to discover the legal services offered by our specialists in this field. They can help you with the formalities related to obtaining a visa, residence, and/or work permit. Those interested can also benefit from support for obtaining citizenship, but there are clear conditions regarding this status. We, therefore, invite you to contact our team and discover the services offered on immigration issues.

Relocation of foreign companies to Qatar

Those interested in business in Qatar can decide on the relocation of companies. This process is quite simple and can be supervised by our specialists. It all starts with a statement stipulating the company’s relocation decision, but also with the conclusion of contracts with the company’s partner suppliers. The preparation of the documents necessary for the registration of the company in Qatar is the next step, with the mention that it is necessary to apply for a certain type of visa, in some cases.

In terms of investments in Qatar, the country offers many advantages to foreign businessmen, including economic stability, an experienced workforce, and multiple opportunities to develop a business in most sectors of interest. Here are some statistics and data that highlight the economic direction of Qatar:

  1. Total foreign investment in Qatar in 2019 was about USD 32 billion.
  2. According to the 2020 Doing Business report, Qatar ranked 77th out of 190 world economies in terms of simple business formalities.
  3. The most important business partners in the field of investments in Qatar come from countries such as Japan, USA, Singapore, and South Korea.
  4. Most foreign investments are attracted by the oil & gas sector, the most prolific in the country.

So, if you want to visit Qatar and need a visa, you can contact our team of immigration consultants. More about Qatar family visa can be discussed with our experts.