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Immigrate to Qatar from US

Immigrate to Qatar from US

US citizens can enter Qatar without a visa if they intend to stay in this country for no more than 30 days. The immigration legislation of Qatar can be explained by our team of immigration lawyers in Qatar, with experience in this field. Moreover, our agents can help US nationals start a business in Qatar by offering support and assistance in a series of aspects related to company formation in Qatar. We can also offer detailed information about how to immigrate to Qatar. 

Entry requirements for US citizens in Qatar

As mentioned above, American citizens can enter Qatar without a visa. They can stay up to 30 days, during a single trip or multiple entries. However, this waiver can be prolonged for further 30 days. The following requirements must be respected by US citizens:

  • A valid passport is required.
  • The authorities will ask for the return flight ticket.
  • Medical insurance is solicited.

All the legal aspects referring to how to move Qatar from the USA can be solicited from our team of immigration lawyers in Qatar. Also, if you would like to know details about how to register a company in Qatar, feel free to address your questions to our team.

Qatar-Oman Joint tourist visa

With a validity of 30 days, a Qatar-Oman Joint tourist visa is normally issued by the authorities at the time of arrival. This type of visa allows US nationals to visit both countries, Qatar and Oman respectively. In case you wish to prolong your visit, you have the possibility of extending this type of visa. You can discuss this with our team and find out more about this matter. Our specialists can also help you register a company in Qatar and handle all the formalities imposed.

Immigration to Qatar is a process that can be supervised by one of our specialists. They can help interested candidates with the formalities imposed in this direction. Everything starts with applying for the necessary visa, but exceptions apply in certain cases. Next comes the preparation of the necessary documents for obtaining a residence permit. In the case of foreign workers, they need to present the employment contract. There are also conditions for relocation with the family, but you can discuss more with our immigration lawyers.

What is the Electronic Travel Authorization?

The Electronic Travel Authorization or ETA is required for persons who enter Qatar without a visa, just like the case of Americans. However, such authorization is issued for citizens who have a valid residence permit. One must provide:

  1. Information about accommodation in Qatar.
  2. A copy of the return flight ticket.
  3. A valid passport for at least 6 months.
  4. A copy of the residence permit.

Those interested in more details about ETA can get in touch with one of our immigration lawyers in Qatar. On the other hand, American citizens who want to start a company in Qatar are invited to discuss these aspects with our team of company formation agents in Qatar who can also help you immigrate to Qatar

Business relocation from the US to Qatar

The company relocation is possible in Qatar, therefore, business owners from the USA can move the firm in this country with respect to a few simple and important conditions. For instance, the company must be de-registered from USA, if all the debts and liabilities are respected. Then, a declaration stating the relocation from US company to Qatar must be created and signed by the managers, administrators, and owners. The company documents are then submitted to the authorities in Qatar for new registration of the firm. Also, companies in Qatar must be registered for taxation. All the information about the US company relocation to Qatar can be entirely explained by one of our specialists.

Foreigners interested in residency in Qatar can collaborate with our lawyers in terms of formalities and procedures. We will take care of the preparation of the necessary documents and the communication with the relevant authorities. Those who want to invest in this country to gain this status can invest at least USD 200,000. We mention that this process can take around 4 weeks, and the applications must register with the local authorities. Contact us today to take advantage of our personalized offers.

Do I need an exit permit for Qatar?

No, US citizens no longer need an exit permit for leaving Qatar. However, the so-called “essential employees” must have this kind of document. Furthermore, US citizens must prove they paid the debts, if any, in Qatar before leaving the country. Also, family members of American citizens do not need an exit permit, yet, the sponsor (husband or father) will be notified if his family intends to leave Qatar. For more details in this matter, feel free to talk to our Qatari immigration lawyers who will explain you how to move to Qatar from the USA.

Making investments in Qatar

Qatar is known for its wide range of business opportunities offered on the market, a stable economy, a great financial destination, a skilled workforce, and many other advantages. US nationals are invited to Qatar’s appealing business climate. The conditions for business are excellent and investors from USA can thrive in sectors like engineering, IT, communication, tourism, extraction of petroleum, finance, and insurance, to give a few examples. We have gathered some facts and figures about Qatar’s economy and business direction that you might find it interesting:

  1. The 2020 Doing Business report ranks Qatar 77th out of 190 economies in the world.
  2. The total FDI stock in Qatar in 2019 stood at approximately USD 31 billion.
  3. Qatar has one of the lowest corporate taxes in the world, set at a 10% rate.
  4. Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and USA are the main investors in Qatar.

Persons interested in how to relocate to Qatar from the USA are invited to contact our specialists for more details and information. Our immigration lawyers in Qatar have experience in a wide range of immigration issues and aspects and can offer in-depth legal advice and also representation.